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Our Professional Services and Expertise

Every customer has technology needs.  It is our responsibility to ensure we understand our customer's vision and business to integrate the right technology solutions utilizing sound judgement and decisions.

All of our service levels include

Laptop Repair and Services

LCD Replacement, Motherboard Replacement,  SSD Upgrade, Memory Upgrade, Keyboard Replacement, Random Reboots, CPU  Processor Replacement, DC Jack Replacement

Desktop Repair and Services

CPU Upgrade, Power Supply Replacement, Memory Upgrade, Motherboard Replacement, Video Card Upgrade, Virus and Spyware Removal, SSD Upgrade

Software Services

Operating System Reload, Operating System Upgrade, Malware/Virus Cleaning, Security Software Installation, Software Packages Upgrade, Printer Setup, BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) Repair

Network Support and Configuration

Lan Setup and troubleshooting, Switch Rack& Stack, Domain add-on, Network Cabling, Cloud Computing, Network Security

Audio/Video Support Services

Smart control of lighting, distributed audio, entertainment devices, door locks, surveillance, and more…

Business IT Services

Implementation, Technology assessments, Strategies and Planning. IT is part of any business; everything  is  online nowadays, and you need proper servers and hardware that's going to operate the way you need ( and within the budget you've set).

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